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Latest updates on IOTA projects

Latest updates on IOTA projects

A report has just been published with all the latest updates regarding IOTA developments. This report lists all the progress that has been made in the last period, giving an overview of the progress of the project.

Dev Update, January 2021 – The year has just begun and a lot is happening at #IOTA! The engineering team is focused on #Chrysalis phase 2. Check the latest news of all our key projects, including #Pollen, #Bee, #Hornet, #SmartContracts & more.

– IOTA (@iotatoken) January 14, 2021

In the post we can read how IOTA 1.5 is moving forward. This phase is called Chrysalis and is an intermediate stage of Crypto Code before the stage called Coordicide. We recall that phase 1 was launched last August on the mainnet.

As for phase 2 of Chrysalis, it was only last month that the testnet was opened to the public in order to better test the launch. From the tests carried out, it seems to have a stability close to 100%, and therefore in the next few weeks we could have a product already operational for the mainnet.

Pollen has also been updated and version 0.3.5 has been released, focusing on providing greater stability. The team is now focusing on the next steps, which will be refactoring Tangle, Mana, congestion control and more.

The node APIs, like Bee, have also been updated, and the Bee team is working on releasing the Tesnet version next week. In the meantime, code audits are underway, which will take at least three weeks.

Positive news also for Hornet, which has been progressing for over a month on the testnet and during this period several improvements have been introduced to make the system even more solid and, through targeted and local snapshots, it has been possible to solve some bugs, without interrupting the whole testnet.

The alpha version of Stronghold has also been underway for over a month. This is such a complicated structure that it needs to be studied in depth, and in fact those who have been chosen will dedicate themselves solely to this project and will have to follow a number of well thought-out procedures before moving on to the beta version, which is expected to be released in spring.

Improvements, especially in the graphical interface, are also being made to Firefly, and here too a code audit is underway, while as far as storage is concerned, Stronghold will not be used as the main database, but SQLite instead.

Updates on IOTA Identity

The progress of IOTA Identity is also interesting: it has now moved from the alpha version to the first version of an official release, which will be followed by all the documentation and tests that took place during the previous phases. This will allow everyone to test and integrate this new identity management system.

Finally, as far as smart contracts are concerned, these are still in the pre-alpha version and therefore it will take some time before we can see concrete and ready-to-use results.

3.8 billion dollars in stolen cryptomoney in 2020

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Hack me if you can – Unfortunately, not a year goes by in the cryptosphere without some spectacular hacking. Whether it’s the good old crypto stock market hacks or the most recent DeFi hack exploits, the year 2020 has been rather a bad year as we will see.

At least 122 attacks recorded in 1 year
The virtual private network provider AtlasVPN recently published a report that takes stock of the cyber attacks on the cryptosphere over the past year, and it’s not a pretty picture.

A total of $3.78 billion worth of crypto-assets were stolen in 2020 in 122 different attacks. Be careful, however, this estimate has been evaluated with the quotation of cryptos as of this January 12 (it takes into account the recent Bitcoin pump).

The only „good news“ is that, for the first time in 5 years, the number of attacks would have decreased compared to the previous year. We had notably gone from 84 cyber attacks in 2018, to 133 in 2013.

Number of hackings linked to the universe of blockhains, per year – Source:
Cryptographic exchanges are not the biggest hackers
In detail, it can be seen that hacks of cryptos exchange platforms only represent just over $300 million, despite 28 attacks recorded.

It must be said that security has been significantly strengthened there, following previous attacks with resounding effects for these crypto exchanges. Moreover, thanks to their cooperation with each other and countermeasures, platforms such as KuCoin have been able to recover a large part of the funds initially stolen.

Conversely, a new phenomenon of misappropriation of crypto-assets has emerged this year 2020, with the advent of decentralised finance (the famous DeFi).

Thus, no less than 47 attacks or exploits of loopholes in smart contracts have been identified on decentralised applications (DApps) of the Ethereum blockchain (ETH). Six more can be counted on the DApps of the Tron (TRX) and EOS blockchains (3 each).

Including only the Ethereum DApps, this represents over $436 million in misappropriated cryptos.

The world of cryptos is highly sensitive to cyber attacks. More than 3.8 billion dollars of cryptos were stolen in 2020.
Total value (in dollars) of cryptos stolen in 2020, by type of target – Source:
In terms of value stolen, the most lucrative targets were the scams and direct thefts of wallet blockbusters: a little over $3 billion! In only 27 attacks what’s more.

The „51%“ type attacks aiming to take control of the production of the transaction blocks of a blockchain, on the other hand, did not yield much, compared to other cyber attacks: 5.91 million dollars. One will remember in particular Ethereum Classic (ETC), which had several attacks of the 51% in the course of 2021.

Even if security is being reinforced and the sector is becoming more and more professional, the cryptosphere is still not at the top of its game in terms of cyber attacks. Let’s hope that with the massive arrival of institutional investors, the services offered to them are really flawless, otherwise new records in this sad category could well end up being set.

El precio de Bitcoin supera los 300.000 dólares

El precio de Bitcoin supera los 300.000 dólares ‚No sería raro‘, dice el popular analista criptográfico

El popular comerciante y analista de criptodivisas Michaël van de Poppe ha revelado que cree que el precio del bitcoin podría llegar a 300.000 dólares en este ciclo alcista, basándose en comparaciones extraídas de la burbuja de las punto com.

En un video recientemente publicado, visto por primera vez por el Daily Hodl, el analista de la criptodivisa dijo a sus 20.000 suscriptores Bitcoin Compass que cree que la criptodivisa podría llegar a más de 200.000 dólares a corto plazo basado en la „psicología humana o psicología de mercado y los ciclos de mercado“.

Añadió que volviendo a la historia, aquellos que esperaban una corrida alcista de BTC en 2015 y 2016 „nunca habrían picado un nivel de precios de 20.000 dólares por bitcoin“, que se alcanzó a finales de 2017. Van de Poppe añadió que los mercados tienden a ser irracionales cuando pasan por un ciclo de auge.

Apple es ahora de más de 2 billones de dólares

Señalando el precio de las acciones de Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) como ejemplo, dijo que la AAPL ha seguido creciendo en precio desde la burbuja de las punto-com. La capitalización de mercado de Apple es ahora de más de 2 billones de dólares, lo que la convierte en la empresa más valiosa del mundo, seguida por la de Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) 1,65 billones de dólares.

El analista dijo que una vez que „algo comienza a funcionar“, es probable que el miedo a perderse se establezca y el precio de ese activo se dispare, lo que en efecto también vimos en la reciente corrida de bitcoin“. El precio del BTC pasó de 10.000 dólares a un nuevo máximo histórico por encima de 40.000 dólares antes de soportar una corrección, dijo, sin caídas significativas en el camino.

La corrección actual, dijo, debería ser de alrededor del 30% y dijo que caeríamos hacia el nivel de 26.000 a 28.000 dólares antes de recuperarnos. Basándose en la creciente adopción y conciencia, añadió, BTC podría llegar a 300.000 dólares.

Bitcoin a 300.000 dólares dentro de algunos años no sería raro si lo comparas con el bombo de las punto-com y el ciclo que teníamos entonces.

Van de Poppe comparó el mercado criptográfico con la burbuja de las punto-com, señalando que la burbuja de las punto-com „estaba entre 10 y 12 billones de dólares“, lo que situaría a BTC en 200.000 dólares incluso asumiendo que su dominio del mercado estuviera entre el 40% y el 50%.

Bitcoin and taxes, in 2021 – How will the French tax authorities chase you?

The tax authorities, your supervisor of 2021 – As withholding tax is not generalized and irregularities remain, the declaration of personal income remains an essential exercise for everyone. In order to start the new fiscal year calmly, I offer you a summary of the crypto information to have in mind.

Cryptocurrencies, which transactions and which accounts to declare?

For now, the bill ’s finances for 2021 makes no mention of the tax framework changes applicable to digital assets. The only mention of the crypto-sphere is for digital asset service providers.

The taxation of cryptocurrencies in 2021 will therefore be similar to that of 2020 . Remember that the IRS distinguishes casual traders of traditional traders . These 2 statutes have different tax terms.

The assessment by the tax authorities of the quality of usual trader will depend on the frequency of operations as well as the amounts and gains made . Everything that follows is only for casual traders.

Occasional traders have 2 essential obligations:

The obligation to declare accounts on exchanges;
The obligation to report capital gains realized on digital assets.

Any digital asset or fiat fund account held overseas must be reported . However, only the detention is to be declared, not the amounts held. Therefore, this has no impact on your taxation, because it is a pure declarative formality .

The year 2020 was marked by the advent of DeFi, if you have participated in this ecosystem, you surely have gains to declare. Amounts received for activities, such as lending or yield farming , are treated as interest.

The interests as capital income are taxed at the flat tax – Lump or levy Unique (PFU). The 30% rate of the Flat Tax includes 12.8% income tax and 17.2% social security contributions.

Finally, you will also need to declare your income in digital assets . It is important to distinguish between income, what we perceive for a work done, capital gains, what we earn on a successful trade. If you mine or receive a salary in cryptos, you must declare it even, if you do not intend to convert it to fiat.

Note that the calculation of capital gains should be done according to the tax administration formula , which is not the same as that of a trader. To help you in this process, there are platforms and software that do the calculation for you , once you have imported your trading history.

2021 tax deadlines

In 2020, the deadlines for filing tax returns had been pushed back for health reasons. Currently, the 2021 fiscal calendar is as follows:

April 19, 2021: opening of the 2020 online income declaration service;
June 10, 2021: deadline for reporting 2020 on 2020 income by internet;
End of July 2021: receipt of the 2021 tax notice based on your 2020 income statement.
In view of the more than uncertain health and economic context, it is possible that these dates will change before the opening of the 2021 tax season.